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Election of Officers and Appointment of Chairman


Section 1.         Officers shall be nominated and elected in the following manner:


               a.      The Nominating Committee, at outlined in the Bylaws article IX, sect. 1, shall be required to contact all members under consideration to determine if the member will consent to serve.

                        Any member in good standing shall have the privilege to submit names for consideration by the nominating committee.


               b.      The Nominating Committee shall present its nomination of or candidate for each office at the regular meeting in January 1.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor at this time.


               c.      Election of officers shall be held at the regular meeting in February and by secret ballot.

                        When only one (1) candidate is nominated for an office, ballot may be dispensed with and election made by acclamation.


Section 2.         The March meeting of the Board of Directors shall also be attended by the incoming officers and proposed chairmen.


               a.      The incoming President shall be called upon to present his appointments for chairmanships (Bylaws Article V).


               b.      The Board of Directors shall approve, or approve as amended, the incoming President’s appointments.


Section 3.         All new officers and chairmen shall be installed at the March meeting.


Section 4.         It shall be the duty of the incoming officers and chairmen to arrange for the transfer of the organization’s assets and properties as pertaining to their respective offices prior to the board meeting in April.

                        The April meeting of the Board of Directors shall also be attended by the out going Officers and Chairmen.



Duties of Officers


Section 1          The President shall:


               a.      Prepare an agenda before all meetings.


               b.      Make appointments as indicated in the Bylaws, Article V.


               c.      Call upon each Officer and Chairman to prepare an estimated budget for the duties of their office or chairmanship, and submit said budget at the May meeting of the Board of Directors.


               d.      Call upon the Treasurer to accumulate all estimated budgets and capital expenditures and submit the same to the regular membership at the regular meeting in May for approval.  Capital expenditures are for permanent assets for organization.


               e.      Appoint an Auditor from the active membership to review and report on the accuracy of the financial records and accounts of the organization.  The audit is to be performed at the end of the fiscal year and report made to the May Board of Directors meeting.


               f.       Appoint Chairmen of the Nominating Committee in November and call for the election of two (2) regular members to serve on that committee.


               g.      Arrange for installation of new officers and chairmen at the March meeting.


               h.      Act as advisor to the new president and Board of Directors if called upon.


Section 2.         The Vice President shall:


               a.      Act as Parliamentarian for the organization


               b.      Keep the official Bylaws and Procedures of the organization up to date and available at all meetings.


               c.      Obtain appropriate programs for all regular meetings of the organization and submit them to the Board of Directors at least two (2) months in advance.


Section 3.         The Secretary shall:


               a.      Maintain in permanent form, a complete minute book of all regular meetings and Board of Directors meetings, for the tenure of his/her office.  Supply the Bulletin Editor with a summary of all minutes for publication.


               b.      Answer correspondence as requested by the Board of Directors or by the President.


               c.      Notify the executive secretary of the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies of the names of newly elected officers.


Section 4 .        The Treasurer shall:


               a.      Maintain accurate account of all budgets as approved by the regular meeting and report quarterly (every three months after taking office), as to the status of each budget account.


               b.      Review memberships and collect unpaid dues as per the bylaws of the organization.  He shall be authorized to notify members concerning dues.  He shall maintain an up to date roster of the membership of the organization.


               c.      Submit a financial statement at the end of the fiscal year.


               d.      Submit to the Board of Directors, in the month of January, the total amount of dues payable to the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies.


Section 5.         The Representatives shall:


               .a.     Review the Bylaws and Procedures in an effort to bring about necessary changes to improve the organization and to protect the rights of the members.


               b.      Be available to assist any officer or chairman upon request.



Duties of Chairmen


Section 1.         If a chairman is unable to be present at a regular meeting or a meeting of the board of director, said chairman shall notify the president and/or vice president and arrange to have all necessary records present at the meeting which may pertain to the particular chairmanship involved.


Section 2.         The Fellowship Chairman shall:


               a.      Carry out the Procedures at outlined in article IV, Section 1.b through 1.g.


               b.      Be the initiating officer and shall be in charge of all initiation supplies.


               c.      Remember members who are ill or in distress.


Section 3.         The Field Trip Chairman shall:


               a.      Be in charge of all field trip property


               b.      Prepare field trips two months in advance and present his proposals to the Board of Directors for approval.


               c.      Supervise all field trips and keep record of attendance.


Section 4.         The Show Chairman shall:


               a.      Appoint all committee chairmen as required for the annual show or exhibition of the organization, and report same to the Board of Directors at least 9 months prior to the show, unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors.


Section 5.         The Federation Chairman shall:


               a.      Maintain a portfolio containing federation bylaws, minutes of all federation meetings as submitted by the federation, and all federation committee reports.


               b.      Recommend nominations for federation officers to the Board of Directors of the organization, if so desired.


Section 6.         The Bulletin Editor shall:


               a.      Publish a revised membership roster in the July bulletin


               b.      Carry out the Procedures as outlined in Article 4, Sections 1.h. and 1.n.


               c.      Mail the bulletin to interested parties, e.g. other mineralogical societies, magazines, etc.


               d.      Shall maintain a file on copies of all bulletins.


Section 7.         The Custodial Shall:


               a.      Be in charge of all physical assets not normally retained by other officers or chairman.


Section 8.         The Lapidary Chairman shall:


               a.      Instruct members in the basic lapidary arts when requested to do so.


Section 9          The Historian shall:


               a.      Maintain an up to date history of the organization in permanent form including appropriate newspaper clippings and photos.




Section 1.         New Members


               a.      The requirements for any person becoming a member of the organization shall be:


1.         If a person is sponsored by a regular member of the organization, the requirements for membership shall be the attendance of two (2) regular meetings of the organization and acceptance of the membership application by the Board of Directors.


2.         If a person has no sponsor, the Board of Directors will act as sponsor, and the prospective member will be required to attend two (2) regular meetings of the organization, one (1) field trip of the organization, and the acceptance of the membership application by the Board of Directors.


               b.      The Fellowship Chairman shall maintain a “Visitors’ Register” and shall ask that all visitors, guests, and/or prospective members sign the register at each meeting they attend.  Complete information as to name, address and telephone number, and sponsor (if applicable) is required.


               c.      The Fellowship Chairman shall send notices of the next regular meeting to all guests, visitors and/or prospective members for a period of three (3) months, unless the person is initiated before that time.


               d.      A sponsor of a prospective member shall inform the Fellowship Chairman as to the interest and intention of a guest or visitor, in becoming a prospective member of the organization.


               e.      At the second attendance, the Fellowship Chairman shall upon knowledge of a guest or visitor becoming a prospect give member, furnish him with a membership application.  The fellowship chairman shall then present the completed application to the Board of Directors at the next board meeting.


               f.       It shall be the duty of the Fellowship Chairman to acquaint any person who does not have a sponsor with the requirements for membership as stated in Section 1.a.2.  The application may not be acted upon by the Board of Directors until the requirements are completed.


               g.      The Bulletin Editor shall publish the name of each guest, visitor and/or prospective member at any regular meeting in the bulletin immediately following the meeting.


               h.      Any regular member in good standing who has any objection to any person whose name has been published as a prospective member, guest or visitor, insofar as the person becoming a member of the organization, shall inform the Board of Directors in writing of his objections, and the reason for same.


               i.       In case four (4) or more objections are received by the Board of Directors, and if the objections are sound, the application is automatically rejected and may not be resubmitted for one ensuing year.


               j.       After a prospective member becomes eligible to join he will be formally initiated at the meeting after payment of dues and initiation fees.


               k.      At the time of initiation, the new member will be given a club flag, a complete set of bylaws, procedures and a roster.


               l.       After the new member has been initiated, the Fellowship Chairman will deliver the application card to the Bulletin Editor.


               m.     The Bulletin Editor will publish the name, address, phone number, etc. of the new member in the next bulletin.


Section 2          Old Members


               a.      The Treasurer shall read the names of delinquent members (who have not paid their annual dues) at the May Board of Directors meeting along with any information he may have as to why they are delinquent.  The Board may recommend they be contacted.  If dues are not paid in full by the July Board of Directors meeting, the member shall be dropped from the organization in accordance with the Bylaws.


               b.      When a member is dropped because of delinquent dues, he or she will be required to apply to the organization as a new prospective member in order to re-join.





Section 1.a.      No business shall be brought before an open meeting in the form of a motion without first being referred to the Board for a recommendation.  In an emergency, this rule may be set aside with the consent of the President.


1.         Any member may request or present a request to the Board through a board member or in open meeting.


2.         The Board must consider every request by members.


3.         In case the board is unfavorable to a suggestion, the member must be contacted by the President or Vice President and, if the member wishes, the board must present the problem to the membership.


4.         If no action is taken by the Board within three months, the requesting member may force a vote in open meeting by membership present.


               b.      Regular meetings shall be held monthly on the third Thursday.  Any change in meeting date must be presented to the membership at least one month in advance, except in emergency, and be approved by a majority of the members present. Notification must be given in the bulletin.


               c.      These procedures may be amended only by a 2/3 majority of a quorum and by secret ballot.  The vote shall be conducted at a regular meeting with notice given in the bulletin one week in advance.



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