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Jim Lloyd at the Geode Cracking Booth with an interested audience and recently purchased geodes.

Monrovia Rockhound Show, Fossil Booth Janie Duncan and helpers

At the Entrance to the Monrovia Rockhound Show sits the over 600 lb Rainbow Obsidian boulder collected by Jim Lloyd on a MOROK field trip to Lassen Creek.

MAFA, Monrovia Arts Festival, October 2014.  Nancy Hamrick, Janie Duncan and Pamela Osburn

Fund Raiser at Maxwell School, Duarte

Field Trip:  North Edwards and Boron, April 2011

Pictures of Moroks are of Face Book.  Charter Member and family, Janie Duncan

Field trip to Boron

Field trip to North Edwards and Boron


 Installation Party.  Jim Lloyd, Camille Rutkowski, Michele Silcock, Nancy Hamrick


 Speed sign at the Boron Mine.