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Monrovia Rockhound's Meeting Information




Although we search for speakers and sources that provide our members insight of the lapidary arts, geology, mineralogy, and other related fields please tell us what you would like to see at our activities.


We meet the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm in the basement of the United Methodist Church of Monrovia.  Our entrance is nearest the corner of Ivy and Palm Avenues at the west end of the building and has handicapped access.  Please, do not try to enter from the front of the building.  Guests are always welcome at our general meetings  Please come and share our love or rocks.

April 20, 2017 will be our Silent Auction.  Perfect time to donate an extra rock, or white elephant.  One person's "stuff" in another's Treasure.  Come and find something you can't live without.

May 18,2017 Renee Newman, speaker. Jadeite and nephrite prices are continuing to reach record highs at jewelry auctions. Before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, nephrite was viewed more as a trinket than as a worthy jewelry material. However, that changed when the Olympic medals were inlaid with nephrite and people learned that nephrite jade was the original Chinese “stone of heaven.” Since then, jade prices have risen rapidly and the allure of nephrite jade in China has soared. Well known designers in the West like Todd Reed and Roberto Coin are using nephrite jade in high-end jewelry. 

When gem materials go up in value and popularity, the desire to imitate and treat them increases. Some fakes are obvious, while others aren’t. In addition, treated jade, may be worth less than some fakes. In her presentation to our club, Newman will give practical tips on how to distinguish fake and treated jade from natural jade using examples of modern jade jewelry and carvings. She will not be showing images of antique jade pieces or discussing the history and mining of jade. Her presentation will help you:
● Understand why jade is so prized
● Tell the difference between jadeite and nephrite
● Determine which types of jadeite and nephrite are most valued. Their value factors are not the same.
● Detect fake jade using visual, tactile and auditory non-technical clues
● Recognize when to be suspicious that jade has been treated with chemicals
● Appreciate contemporary jade.
            Renée will be available before and after her presentation to autograph books. Bring cash or a check if you would like to purchase copies of them. Her Exotic Gems: Volume 4 book is the fourth in a series that explores the history, lore, evaluation, geographic sources and identifying properties of non-traditional