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Monrovia Rockhounds Field Trips


CFMS Field Trips

Members are invited to join the CFMS and their field trips.  The schedule and additional information can be found at CFMS web site, then look for Field Trips on the top menu bar.

Members of the Monrovia Rockhounds, Inc. have been invited to join the Pasadena Lapidary Society on their monthly field trips.  Please contact Joe Goetz, Field Trip Chairman ( if you plan on going.  He can then tell you where the group is meeting, and if there will be a potluck, and any other needed information.

PLS Field Trip Schedule for 2014

2014 MULTI-CLUB FIELD TRIP SCHEDULE Distributed to the representatives of the Del Air – Glendora
-- Monrovia -- North Orange County -- Pasadena -- Whittier Gem, Mineral and Lapidary Clubs
FEBRUARY 15 -17 : BAXTER WASH - Exploring the North Cady Mountains for Red and yellow and blue/white agate,
jasper, (plume & sagenite) opalite, calcite rhombs, chalcedony roses, amygdules, green fluorite, onyx and more.
MARCH 22 & 23 : LAVIC SIDING AREA - Jasper, thulite, agates and others.
APRIL 26 & 27 : PINTO BASIN - Mines and mining history, turquoise and other minerals from the Dale Mining District.
MAY 17 : WRIGHTWOOD - Actinolite and visits to sites along the San Andreas Fault
JUNE: CERRO GORDO MINE - Historical Ghost Town and minerals associated with the mining of silver, lead, zinc.
JULY 12 : PALOS VERDES -: Glaucophane, barite and agate minerals.
AUGUST 2 : LOS OLIVOS to collect Serpentine, the California State Rock. Possibly and collecting Cinnabar and a stop at Tajiguas Creek for fossilized whale bone.
SEPTEMBER 20 & 21 : JALAMA BEACH - Agate, jasper, petrified whale bone, travertine onyx, Marcasite and fossils.
OCTOBER 11 : SEARLES LAKE CLUB SHOW & field trips: Pink halite crystals & borax minerals.
NOVEMBER 1 & 2 : WHITTIER CLAIM AREA - honey onyx, agate, jasper, palm root, etc.
NOVEMBER 28 - 30 : WILEY WELL AREA - Geodes, Agates and other good stuff.
DECEMBER 6 : HIMALAYA MINE TOURMALINES - Dig your own pink and green California tourmalines from the
world’s most famous tourmaline mine, the near beautiful Lake Henshaw in San Diego County, 20 miles east of Pala. Over 200,000 lbs. produced since 1898 including quartz crystals, lepidolite, topaz, morganite, and other pegmatite minerals.
For up-to-date information on these field trips and how to joining the trip please see your club’s field trip leader or call Joe Goetz at (626)-622-9420.

Something else to do for a day:  Go to a Museum.  There are excellent exhibits at the following

Natural History Museum of LA County:

San Bernardino County Museum  (Good exhibit of local rocks and minerals).

Museum of Natural History, La Sierra University (Collection of Mineral Spheres, Gems and Minerals and Petrified Wood). Address:  4500 Riverwalk Parkway,, Riverside, CA 92515 Tel. 1.800.874.5587



Other Field Trip Sites Possible

We have directions to these sites and samples of what you can expect to find. Material is easier to find at some sites and more difficult at others. Some are suitable for day trips, others require an overnight stay. If there is enough interest in one of these trips, get in contact with the Field Trip Chairman Ray Ritchey.

Adelanto for florescent material (Princess Pat mine)


Gem Hill

Felix Mine for green fluorite

Rainbow Ridge for jasper

Lavic Siding Jasper

Green Horn Mountain (near Lake Isabella) for Rose Quartz

Jalama Beach (near Lompoc) for Whale Bone and onyx

Coast north of Santa Barbara for Whale Bone

Sierra Paloma Claim (North of Edwards Air Base for multi-colored Onyx

Brown Butte for fossil reeds and petrified wood

Barstow toward Fort Irwin for Butler Onyx

Whittier Claim (near Barstow) for Honey Onyx (need permission from Whittier G&M Club)

Cady Mountains for Agate

Boron the mine has an area where they have dumped “stuff” which will include various borate     minerals (ex. Uxlite).

Boron (behind the mine of dirt roads) for Jasper

East of Ludlow approx. 10 miles for Pink Thulite and Green Fuchsite. Takes a soft polish.

Owens Valley

East Fork San Gabriel River for Gold Panning. A day trip.

August Nipomo Club Show



 Updated 1/27/2014